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GlassFish ESB and OpenESB – Interview and Demo

Recently, I had the chance to talk with some members of the GlassFish ESB and OpenESB team at Sun. We did a short interview to discuss the offerings and then had a brief demo to show the stack in action:


In this interview, I talks with Sun’s Kevin Schmidt and Suresh Potiny about Sun’s Enterprise Service Bus product lines, GlassFish ESB and OpenESB. We start talking about the ESB stack that Sun has built up a provides, including more than just the ESB itself, but the NetBeans based tooling as well. Next, we get into the road-map and plans that Sun has for its ESB stack. Then, we end up discussing the broad market and current context for ESBs, be that fitting into SOA environments, both in the “traditional” sense and then also in the emerging types of SOA architectures Kevin and Suresh are seeing. Finally, we up by discussing some of the additional projects around the ESB like Project Fuji.


In this short demo, Sun’s Frank Kieviet walks through two scenarios to demonstrate GlassFish ESB and OpenESB in action. First, he builds up a simple zipcode driven scenario to demonstrate using the NetBeans tools to compose a workflow. He then demonstrates integrating in a web-service. Finally, he finishes up by going over the OpenESB ESB community and how to get involved.

Disclosure: Sun is a client and sponsored these videos.

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