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IT Management Podcast #34 – Cloud Taxonomy; SCOM; Realtime Data-warehousing

Idera Man

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This week, John and I discuss:

  • Poken Promotional Party Parade – lucky listeners will get a free Poken! (Listen to learn how).
  • Cloud definitional news: taxonomy madness. Hoff-layers.
  • What’s this taxonomy stuff told us about the essence of cloud stuff?
  • Will cloud storage be the real killer app for the cloud? Will our kids know the word “quota”?
  • WTF on netbooks, man? E.g.: “Ten per cent of online computer buyers now owns a netbook and almost 20 per cent of mobile PCs sought out by buyers in December 2008 was one of these mini-laptops.” I guess this helps with the lads.
  • John gets bitch-slapped by Robert Scoble.
  • Would someone send me a netbook? I want to try a week on the netbook + zoho/Google.
  • Dates: barcampESM (April 4th, 2009); CloudCampAustin (April 7th, 2009).
  • no longer iloviT’ing – one of John’s enterprise contacts switching to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, 2-3k server environment.
  • Hyperic IQ reporting with JasperSoft.
  • How does what SQLStream do fit to IT Management stuff? Real-time data-warehousing.
  • IBM Cloud Initiative.
  • Jane Curry Zenoss events paper – man, she’s good at this stuff.
  • Keep up with our stuff and thing we don’t get to on itmanagementguys tag in

Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned. My brother-in-law works at Idera, pictured above.

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