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The State of Analyst Relations – Interview


While at Lotusphere this year, John Simonds interviewed me as the first part in a new podcast of his, “An Analyst’s View of Analyst Relations,” which is pretty self explanatory, eh? You can download the episode directly or just listen below (click the Play button once it appears):

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Here’s John’s summary of the episode:

I [John] focused on state of the nation of A/R, good and bad practices and what could we do to improve our discipline.

On this, I think the key phrase he gives is “giving an analyst a dose of their own medicine”.

He [Coté] calls out how to contact him, social media and other relevant topics.

I’m always up for talking about analyst relations and all the meta-discusion that goes with this job and industry, e.g.: my talk on Dealing with Analysts and another interview on Do’s and Don’ts for Analyst Briefings.

Disclosure: IBM, John’s employer, is a client.

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  1. name that fish…

  2. Is it know as the Eastern Tasty?

  3. Loved this podcast…you absolutley hit the nail on the head.

  4. Allyson: I'm glad you liked it.

  5. It’s called a crappie, believe it or not.