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Introducing The Agile Executive

This week, and old work-mate of mine (actually, an old boss, as it were) launched The Agile Executive, a blog dedicated to the discussion of Agile Software Development couched in the concerns of management, that is, rather than at the developer or team level. Or, in the longer form we have on the about page:

The executive who would find this blog of interest is not necessarily a R&D executive. Enterprise level Agile implementations could affect such diverse functions as Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Professional Services, or Revenue Recognition. The blog explores the myriads of operational, financial and business issues that stand in the way and opportunities that arise when Agile is implemented on a large scale. It does not generally focus on details of the “How”, i.e. the nuts and bolts of Agile. Rather, it leans towards emphasizing the “Whys” and the “Whats” of Agile. It is designed to primarily cater to the needs of the broad-minded executive who wishes to better understand the opportunity to harness Agile methods towards the achievement of business goals.

Israel Gat, the work-mate in question, was the Vice President of the unit I worked in at while I was at BMC. You might recall him from a RedMonkTV episode awhile back. While he was there, he initiated and succeeded in introducing Agile (Scrum, in this case) to various teams and product lines. Being there, and being an arm-chair Agile-fan, seeing how Agile was applied in the large was a great experience.

While I’m a co-author on the blog, my work so far has just been behind the scenes of setting things up. Israel on the other hand has been busy with the posts, to highlight a few:

I’ve been a bit slow in documenting the Agile work I here at RedMonk – in favor of other shiney objects like RIAs and IT Management. I always enjoy setting up what I call “external motivators” like this to get me to what I should be doing anyhow. To that end, you should be seeing some content from me over at soon.

If you like the topic, I’d suggest you subscribe to the feed for it, of course. Also, if there’re things you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to drop me a line here, over there, email, in Twitter or where ever. Y’all know the drill ;>

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