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IT Management Podcast #29 – Whacky Predictions, 2009 Edition


(Warning: we manage to let slip 2 or 3 four letter words in this episode, so be warned if that offends.)

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For this special episode of the IT Management podcast, we go over our whacky predictions for 2009. John and I lucky to be joined by Dave Rosenberg (see also his Open Sources podcast with Matt Asay), self described “man about town,” and IT Management Podcast regular Matt Ray, community manager at Zenoss.

Very quickly, we first review the 2008 whacky predictions (from our first show, how cute!), all of which were, indeed, whacky save one, which was a sort of timid prediction.

And then it gets into the whack-job free-for-all with all four of throwing out our tech world predictions and discussing each. Sprinkled throughout the truly whacky predictions (Apple buys Sun), we have some pretty rational ones (Eucalyptus and Cloudera becoming big deals).

Here’s an incomplete preview, whacky and sane:

  • Apple launches its own cloud
  • A net-celeberty lives off their iPhone for a year
  • US government web-sites get APIs
  • Amazon starts a marketplace for virtual goods
  • A major cloud data break occurs
  • Google buys Yahoo! Or maybe Viacom
  • Open source startups begin to consolidate as they miss numbers
  • The return of paying for software, even at low cost. App Store!
  • Amazon buys DHL
  • Netbooks become low-cost thin clients

Disclosure: IBM, Microsoft, Cloudera, and Zenoss are clients, as was Dave’s former employer, MuleSource. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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