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The Software Delivery Platform with Dominic Tavassoli – IBM Telelogic Innovation 2008

While at the IBM Telelogic User Group meeting in Austin, I had the chance to with Dominic Tavassoli. We spent our time talking about “the software delivery platform.” What this means is the collection of processes and tools you’d use to take software from conception, to development, to testing, to release, and back through again. Sort of a “backbone” for the application life-cycle management an organization does. There’s also documenting, best practices, and compliance to industry processes and standards to worry about.

As with most Telelogic discussions what’s interesting here is to see how these ideas apply to systems programming – where software is usually running in/on a device other than a traditional computer – and how that changes the needs and the desires.

Disclosure: IBM is a client and sponsored this video.

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