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Rational in 2008 – Telelogic, Jazz, and the Transforming Portfolio

Back at the Telelogic Innovation user conference this year, I had the chance to sit down with IBM’s Scott Hebner and walk through a review of what Rational has been up to over the past year.

Being at the Telelogic conference, we cover the merging in and addition of the “systems” focused portfolio that Telelogic brings to Rational.

Also, in 2008 Rational commercialized the Jazz platform first as Rational Team Concert and then, as Scott gets into, started moving it out as a platform (or hub, if you will) for the Rational portfolio. Check out my interview with Scott back at RSDC 2008 for more on that topic.

Finally, we talk about the upcoming year for Rational, getting into the 2009 road-map.

Disclosure: IBM is a client and sponsored this video.

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  1. […] The “systems” angle that Telelogic added to Rational gives them a thick snark-shield from the above. Businesses who use software as a component of their overall system (like a car or cellphone) are more capital “E” Engineers than so-called software engineers. We’re told that they require more discipline, thus more complexity, and thus more tools. There’s certainly some feeling of truth there, and you can see that the emphasis that Rational puts on software as an overall component of a business strategy instead of just part of IT fits well here: if software is clearly involved in the core business, it’s worth spending more money on. The alternative is that software is just part of IT (the people who run your email, not your business), who indirectly supports the business and doesn’t so clearly contribute to revenue. […]

  2. […] In this interview from RSC 2009, I talk with IBM’s Scott Hebner, who you might recall from two other interviews, at RSDC 2008 and Innovation 2008. […]