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Puppet at Shopzilla


This episode is in two parts: part 1 and part 2. Also, you can just subscribe to the RedMonk podcast feed to have them automatically downloaded to iTunes or other podcatcher.

Recently, I recorded a podcast with Luke Kanies and Abe Ingresoll (of Shopzilla) about Shopzilla’s use of Puppet for server configuration management. Abe walks us through the decision to start using Puppet and then the roll outs the initial did as they added new data-centers.

Also, in part two of this episode, Abe asks Luke for about upcoming features and gives Luke a wish-list of features: top among them integrating with asset management systems. Luke, of course, tells Abe (and us) about what we can expect to see along those lines in upcoming Puppet releases.

Also, if you were interested in this episode, be sure to check out the discussion of Google using Puppet to manage it’s desktops.

Disclosure: Reductive Labs is a client and sponsored this podcast.

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