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Debriefing – Zoho Marketplace, Flash on the iPhone, Zenoss Update

Enchiladas at Jaime's

Today’s debriefing (download here or subscribe to the feed) deals with two Z’s primarily: a brief commentary on ZoHo Marketplace and a short update I recorded with Matt Ray, community manager for Zenoss, an IT Management platform. See the Zenoss 2.2.4 release notes for more details on the release Matt Ray talks about.

I also briefly mention the latest Flash maybe could be on the iPhone news that Ryan and I tragically missed in our RIA Weekly recording today. And, here’s the cloud computing/capacity management article I mention.

Next time, I’ll include the second part of the short discussion I had with Matt Ray: we talk about the python community in Austin.

As an admin note, I’ve included these debriefings in the main RedMonk Radio feed in addition to the feed.

Disclosure: Adobe is a client, as is Zenoss.

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  1. This is great news for anyone wanting to deliver brand experiences on mobile phones – it’s just a shame we still don’t know when it will happen. The powerful combination of the iPhone interface with the rich interactivity of Flash is something agencies, marketers and consumers will find hard to resist. Interestingly, we can also envisage a potential cost saving for clients as pre-existing Flash content is repurposed for mobile.

    At present, it looks like there is only talk about the Flash plug-in on the Safari web browser. As such, Flash widgets per se are not really on the cards yet. Native iPhone widgets/applications in Flash are still a good while away, but we wait with anticipation for the opportunity to use this new technology.

  2. Thanks for the info: thinking on widgets vs. full apps in a good one.

Continuing the Discussion

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