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Debriefing – PERFMAN, Etelos, Adobe/Microsoft Facial Recognition, iPhone Closed Source, Cloud Book

Today’s debriefing podcast (download here or subscribe to the feed) goes over a couple briefings I had – with PERFMAN and Etelos – some interesting news items from Adobe and Microsoft-land I came across, the recent Apple iPhone App Store hubbub (and get off on a long tear about open source and making money off software), and closes out with a short note on the cloud computing book I’m looking to start-up with the cloud to everyone’s silver-lining.

As I noted yesterday, I’m curious to hear if you like this format or if it’s terrible for you. Thanks to Mark for chiming in and the NetQoS folks for the notice’ing on yesterday’s.

Disclosure: Adobe and Microsoft are clients.

Categories: Cloud, Debriefing, Open Source.