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Debriefing – NetQoS, PacketTrap, Surgient, SpringSource

Things are getting out of control over here

Since I haven’t had the chance to blog in text form much of late, I thought I’d try a different medium: a short audio update. Download it directly here; you should also be able to subscribe to this blog’s feed to download it as a podcast. In this “Debriefing” I primarily go over the conversations I had today with NetQoS, PacketTrap, and SpringSource. I also mention the rise in Surgient spottings I’ve been having of late.

Tell me if you like this format or think it’s a waste of time.

Disclosure: SpringSource is a client.

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2 Responses

  1. My podcast listening has dropped to zero, and as I mainly consume blog content during the day on brief breaks I don’t bother listening to audio.

    FWIW – I also didn’t see the enclosure on this post in Bloglines with the audio controls, not sure if that matters to you.

Continuing the Discussion

  1. […] I’m curious to hear if you like this format or if it’s terrible for you. Thanks to Mark for chiming in and the NetQoS folks for the notice’ing on […]