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IT Management Podcast #19 – Cloud Computing and Virtualization Sitting In a Tree

Citrix in Santa Clara

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As promised last week, we get back to topical news and commentary this week. John starts out talking about super computers briefly, then we discuss
super computers. We then discuss Citrix (whose Santa Clara building is pictured above), 3Tera, and VMWare’s recent cloud talk. I ask John how 3rd party cloud suppliers are tackling licensing for elastic deployments, we bump up against cloud standards, and we close out with me mentioning VDI stuff and asking how it “feels” to folks, like you, dear listeners.

We also squeek in talk of multi-core coding (see the Grady Booch video I mention) and how identity and IT management will, no doubt, find a lot of work all the buying up going on in the financial sector at the moment.

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