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RIA Weekly 21 – Adobe's Mike Potter on the Zend/Adobe Partnership and Curling


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In addition to talking with Zend’s Andi Gutmans about the PHP/Flex announcement this morning at ZendCon, I had the chance to talk with Mike Potter of Adobe to hear their side of the story. In addition to going over the basics of the announcements – see the episode with Andi for a quick wrap-up – as you can guess, we spend more time talking about what AMF is and how it fits into the overall Flex and AIR world. Mike also gives us more detail on the tooling integration.

Additionally, we talk about new uses of Flex Mike has seen of late and talk about how appeal to the PHP community relates to the Java community relations Adobe has been doing for sometime.

Finally, having discovered that Mike is a big curling fan, I ask him to explain the game and some of the culture around it: you’ll be pretty up to speed on the basics of curling once you’re through with this episode ;>

Disclosure: Adobe is a client, as is Zend.

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