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IT Management Podcast #18 – Jane Curry Evaluates Nagios, OpenNMS, and Zenoss

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In this fantastically rich episode, we talk with Jane Curry, of Skills 1st, about her recent evaluation of Nagios, OpenNMS, and Zenoss. This evaluation resulted in a 148 page draft paper, “Open Source Management Options,” which we glide through in this episode, hitting on the pluses and minuses of each platform from the stand-point of looking for a network management platform.

Book-ending the discussion of Jane’s paper, we first discuss some early history of Tivoli and network management in general. On the other end, we briefly talk about the recent spate of virtualization news (which we’ll get to next week) and talk about my recent trip to Finland, pictured above.

Also, as you’ll hear at the start, this episode is sponsored by, so go check them out for getting answers to your toughest IT questions.

Disclosure: Zenoss is a client, as is IBM.

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  1. Great!…
    but I'm still missing Osmius. See http:://

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