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Zenoss Screencasts

It’s been screentastic over here of late: today I have a two part screen cast walking through several sections and usage scenarios for Zenoss. Erik Dahl and Brandon Whichard were the guests and narrators.

As with all screencases, be sure to click the full-screen icon if you’d like to see a larger version.

Part 1 – Dashboards and Event Console

Erik starts us out by going over the dashboard and portlets page, which allows us to start dipping into the model and overall functionality that Zenoss provides:

Part 2 – Network Toplogy, Performance Graphs, and Reporting

We then finish out by going over the network topology that Zenoss discovery can find and then illustrate, taking a look at the detailed information available for devices monitored, performance graphs and checking, and finish up going over the reporting options Zenoss provides:

Disclosure: Zenoss is a client and sponsored these videos.

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