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Dealing with Analysts – Presentation

My PR friends at Porter Novelli Austin asked me to come in for a lunch talk on, of course, analyst relations We actually talked about trends and other stuff, but I’ve parred down the talk I gave them today to just the dealing with analysts part:

You can also download it directly.

One thing I don’t really mention explicitly is “know what the analysts(s) like and are interested in (and use that for targeting them).” Yeah. Let’s hope you know that one at least ;>

Thanks to the PR folks for the sandwich and other freebies.

Disclaimer: Porter Novelli Austin represents some RedMonk clients. They also bought me lunch, gave me some Bluetooth stuff (for my ear-hole and car), and are going to buy me some dinner. I’m looking forward to hands-free talking while I eat in the car.

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  1. That Blue Ant stuff is cool. But prefer the Jawbone round the ear thingy that goes with it.

  2. Hey, hey, hey,

    what is this with the getting goodies?

    Tell the guys in Porter Novelli Austin I wouldn't mind some bluetooth goodness and dinner too 😉

  3. @ Dennis – What's your address?? We'll mail you the new BlueAnt Z9i so you can replace your Jawbone! 🙂

    Lauran DriverJuly 16, 2008 @ 7:16 am
  4. Hi — Thanks for sharing Dealing with Analysts. Very helpful.

  5. I love it. Analyst relations and humorous illustrations. Thanks for sharing the slides and for the useful (often overlooked or simply forgotten) tips all of us PR-types.

  6. I like you more cuz of this presentation. Even though the fonts are too small.


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