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IT Management Podcast #015 – Training, myCMDB, Grounded Clouds

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In this episode, John and I start out talking about training for IT departments.

We then get into a discussion of Managed ObjectsmyCMDB for which James Governor and I had a briefing earlier this week. The first question people have been asking me – John included – is “was the IT Skeptic right?” Also, see this guest post over in McClure-land.

After this, we pull up our favorite topic clouds, briefily mentioning the “WHAO, COWBOY! SECURITY FREAK-OUT! CODE-BROWN! CODE-BROWN!” piece on the need for more security think in cloud land.

Finally, we wrap up with the idea of “Grounded Clouds,” or making sure to connect up your cloud stuff with all the on-premise software that exists out there. We get into commenting that most cloud providers probably have little idea about what “enterprise workloads” are (listener challenge: how many can you name?) and thus would be hard-pressed to figure out what to even migrate to the cloud. Less cynically, we talk about the interesting write-up of Cybernet moving its payroll system to EC2. This is the kind of think we need to see more of.

Disclaimer: IBM is a client, as is BMC. For other RedMonk clients mentioned, see the RedMonk client list.

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  1. Ouch tough rap John! The IT Skeptic doesn't slam anyone who mentions ITIL. I slam anyone who shovels bullshit.

    As Michael says MyCMDB might actually be an interesting new way to look at the data, but it is being sold as the magic bullet for the underlying problems of CMDB.

    New ways to look at data are amusing but we have more fundamental issues to address first. MyCMDB is a "shiny object" that delivers minimal value.

    Managed Objects may be a focused company but as far as i can see they are out of focus: their messaging around MyCMDB makes little sense to me.