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Brian Goldfarb on Silverlight 2.0 and Deep Zoom – Microsoft TechEd 2008

While at Microsoft TechEd 2008, James and I had the chance to talk with Brian Goldfarb about Silverlight. We start out discussing the new features, libraries, and other parts of the upcoming Silverlight 2.0 (now in beta).

James then asks Brian about the Deep Zoom demo’s we’d seen earlier, which leads us into a discussion about using Deep Zoom for document management, or, at least, digital asset management.

We then talk about the availability of Silverlight. The current beta may be used in production – as Hard Rock, NBC, and others are doing – while the final release will come out sometime in the rest of this year.

Disclaimer: Microsoft is a client and paid travel and expenses for TechEd.

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  1. Interesting. I'm working the firm that did the Hard Rock work. It is Jeff Atwood's old firm. The industry is smaller than it seems sometimes.

  2. BTW, as much I would like IronPython to be 100% compatible with Python, that statement is really stretching the truth.

    In fact I think these sorts of statements are probably bad for IronPython, because it falsely sets the expectation of developers, and it is a major let down when you find out how much of your Python code doesn't run on IronPython.

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