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Episode 14 – Hyper-V, CloudStatus, A Week of Cloud Conferences, Monitoring the Cloud

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In this episode, John and I use my past week of cloud conferences to – largely – explore more of the question of what monitoring and managing cloud computing would look like. We start with a brief mention of Microsoft’s Hyper-V being released (congrats to them!), then get into a discussion of Hyperic’s CloudStatus.

Lacing into the tail-end of that, we move to a sort of spastic run-thru of the, Velocity, CloudCamp, and Structure conference I attended this week.

Finally, John starts walking through some of the monitoring metrics he’s been thinking about for cloud computing.

As ever, our recording was cursed, so pardon the technical scattle towards the end.

Disclaimer: Microsoft is a client, as is Hyperic. See the RedMonk client list for more clients mentioned.

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