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IT Management Podcast #012 – Return to the Cloud and Zenoss Update

Matt Ray's desk at Zenoss Austin

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After a long abcense, John “” Willis and I return for this episodes. We do some “admin” house cleaning at first, for example, figuring out what happened to the Zenoss jacket in the No Country for Old IT Guys series. The answer is pretty simple, turns out.

Next, I mention the iTricity/Blue Cloud announcement iTricity of this week, which gets John on a commentary about trying to figure out what the Blue Cloud stuff actually is and what it’s made up of, comparing to other cloud management systems out there like RightScale, Elastra, 3Tera, the use of Puppet and others.

After getting cursed by the echo effect, I pull in Matt Ray, Community Manager for Zenoss, to join us. He gives us an update on the recently released Zenoss 2.2 Enterprise. John and I then of course ask Matt Ray a bunch of Zenoss related questions, esp. around ways people are using Zenoss and developments in the Zenoss community.

We also decide to life the ban on cloud talk after a multi-episode hiatus, so we get in all sorts of discussion around that. I note that the conversations I get into now-a-days around “The Cloud” are largely definitional ones: that is, “what exactly is this cloud stuff?” We get into what we think that answer is, but more importantly we discuss what’s left untouched in IT management by all the current cloud talk. I also ask the question, are enterprise applications ready to run on these clouds?

I close out by briefly covering the recent Spiceworks 3.0 release and their new number of users: 350,000.

Thanks to Matt Ray for being Johnny on the spot and jumping in ;>

Disclaimer: Zenoss is a client, as are Spiceworks, IBM, and Reductive Labs. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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  1. Here are a couple of the links mentioned during my part of the show:

    Open source network management comparison: Platform

    Roberto Galoppini interviewing Zenoss Community Manager Mark Hinkle

    Zenoss CTO Erik Dahl's thoughts on CIM


  2. I guess something went wrong, since I only get 24 secs worth of podcast, instead of the usual 1,5 hours 🙂

  3. Huge: indeed, there was some error in posting, very annoying. The links (above and in the feed) should be fixed up now to link to the usual 1 1/2 hour length episode 😉

  4. "Huge" nice touch 🙂 Thanks for the fix!