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Grady Booch on Multi-core, UML & DSLs at RSDC 2008

I had the chance to talk with Grady Booch at RSDC this year. I started out by asking him to explain why people are concerned about multi-core, concurrent programming – rather, the idea that there’s a lack of developer skill in that area. He does a good job of laying out why it’s an issue. I wanted to ask because, as I tell him, people seem to be freaking out about it, but few people have explained why it’s an issue, focusing on the how and the fixes to the problem.

We then talk about model-driven programming and how it relates, or doesn’t to the UML.

Finally, in joking around about how the proper way to say “UML” is “the UML,” Grady tells us about a funny pop-culture moment where the UML popped up recently.

Disclaimer: IBM is a client, paid for RSDC T&E, and sponsored this video.

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