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FiveRuns TuneUp Video Interview

Back when I talked with FiveRuns about their Manage 2.0 release we also discussed the product that they announced today, the public beta of FiveRuns TuneUp. More than just a profiling tool, the ambition of TuneUp is to provide the social and collaborative infrastructure to ask the larger community to help debug a problem. You can see this in action on the TuneUp page, like with this one.

Check out their post on the topic, as well as a the surprisingly detailed press release.

And, also today, FiveRuns released an open source ruby library to help Instrument (as the name implied) ruby applications. We talk about this more in an upcoming video with FiveRuns, so check back for that one as well ;>

Disclaimer: FiveRuns is a client and sponsored the above video.

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