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Sun xVM VirtualBox

While at JavaOne this year, I had the chance to talk with Sun’s Vijay Sarathy about VirtualBox, the open source virtualization engine Sun recently acquired. We talked about the general features in version 1.6, Sun’s plans for VirtualBox, and then went through a short demo of using VirtualBox to run Windows Vista and OpenSolaris on OS X.

I’ve split the videos into two parts, the overview and the demo:



See also Sun’s posts on the topic: a press release for 5 million downloads and VirtualBox 1.6…and an entry from heir AR blog.

Disclaimer: Sun sponsored these videos, is a client, and paid my T&E for JavaOne.

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  1. VirtualBox works very well and it will be interesting to see the impact Sun will make in the VM space. Two improvements at the top of my list for 1.6 are: add back support for running on a Windows 2000 host, and allow VirtualBox to run as a system daemon/service.

    Frank PikelnerMay 29, 2008 @ 11:13 am

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