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IBM Tivoli Pulse Wrap-up – Product Updates, Green Metrics, and Cloud Confusion

Hallway of Pulse

TechTarget asked me to write a piece on Pulse for them this year – hence the lack of coverage here ;>

The article is up now, so go check it out if you’re interested in my take on what Tivoli talked about this year.

Most of you, dear readers, will probably be interested the most in the cloud computing angle, but there’s no doubt some interested in Tivoli’s green announcements as well.

It looks like they copy-edited out my oh-too-witty sub-title of “All Your Assets Are Belong to Us” in favor of “Tivoli’s acquisition of MRO.” Fair enough.

Here are some excerpts:

The impressiveness [of the green announcement] is two-fold: bringing actual metrics to the question of power consumption and building out an ecosystem of vendors to service reacting to those metrics. Much green-in-the-data-center talk often comes off as fluffery that can’t be executed. In this case, the overall offering seems to take in environmental readings on one end and spit out actionable to-do lists and recommendations on the other.

So far, IBM has had a rough time not only accepting the idea of cloud computing, but explaining an offering that matches the promises of simplicity that draws the crowd to the concept. This isn’t to say that IBM doesn’t have something to offer with the label “cloud” on it. Indeed, there are many offerings, most of which, sadly, are the all-too typical “we already do that” or “complex problems require complex solutions” rejoinders of a tech company caught arriving late to the party.

While there were many answers to the cloud computing question, to be favorable, IBM had two general schools of thought.

The Future We Want

Disclaimer: IBM is a client and paid my T&E for Pulse.

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