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A New RedMonk – Tom Raftery

Touch-screen Table

As posted this morning, Tom Raftery is joining RedMonk. This is also part of James folding in Greenmonk to RedMonk. Greenmonk started as a blog on green thinking and has quickly emerged as, to be frank, a business around environmental concerns in the corporate world.

I tend to come off as disinterested a cynic about green stuff, but in fact it’s more that I’ve been surrounded by what we used to call “environmentalists” all my life (I am, after all, a native of Austin) and have thus built up a thick BS-meter when it comes to people and companies calling themselves such.

The thing with any activism is that you can always be out-activisimed. Wire up your data-centers to run cooler and use less heat? Oh yeah, well, how about all those flights your executives are taking? Stop your executives from taking so many flights? Oh yeah, well how about the rain-forest impact of all that meat you served during the tele-conference luncehon?

Going to Vote

Things get stupid, and fast. I used to live in a vegan Co-op where debates about what to do with boll weevil infected flour – let them keep living them, free them, kill them – went on for days.

This hyperbolic trail-off is all to say: I’ve liked the Greenmonk work for it’s pragmatism in getting things done rather than being holier than though.

It’ll be great to see that work continue and having more hands on deck will no doubt make it even more so.

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  1. I hope you let them keep living. Anything else would be cruel. 🙂

  2. Nowt better than a few boll weevils to brighten up my day – grind 'em up and use 'em in coffee 🙂