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Off to Microsoft Management Summit 2008

MMS 2006: Bob Muglia Keynote

I’m off to MMS 2008 later tonight.I’ll be there for the first part of this week. I’ve enjoyed following Microsoft’s IT Management strategy over the years, and even more closely since being at RedMonk. Why? As Microsoft is wont to do, they tend to start from scratch when getting into a vertical – here, IT Management, obviously. This makes for unique, and therefor interesting for an observer like myself, approaches.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Microsoft’s management stuff has been around for a long time now – they’ve even gone through re-branding! The point is more that they go about things a little differently, which is fun to pay attention to if only because of that.

We’ll see how that Dynamic Systems Initiative plan is doing this year – particularly the progress in SML-land and, ever the bug-bear of Microsoft IT Management, how support for multiple platforms is going.

For a snap-shot of the state of affairs, check out the RedMonkTV videos from IT Forum 2007 last winter.

Disclaimer: Microsoft is a client, and paying for travel and expenses to MMS.

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  1. Oracle/BEA, WS-Management and MMS: announcements of the day…

    A few announcements came out today.
    The good news: Oracle’s acquisition of BEA closes. Unobstructed technical work can start.
    The conveniently-timed news: WS-Management officially a standard.
    Speaking of MMS 2008, any announcement there? Not much…