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Zenoss Opens Austin Office

Transfering laptops

As Zenoss announced today, they’ve opened up an Austin in office, primarily as a development campus.

Back during barcampESM I had the chance to talk with Bill, Erik, and Mark from Zenoss, doing a little off to the side of the room future-talk with them. Among other things, I was trying to get them to open an Austin office. There’s plenty of IT management (and IdM) people running around down here spawning all sorts of folks like FiveRuns, Spiceworks, NetQoS, the BMC campus, Solarwinds, and, of course, IBM Tivoli taking root back in the 90’s

A few days after barcampESM, Zenoss announced $11M in new funding, which made the possibilities of actually opening up a new office a real option. A bit later, Zenoss mentioned they were thinking seriously about opening an Austin office.

Now, the Austin office is staffed and open, comprised of several excellent folks I’ve worked with previously and know for a quit some time, among them: Matt Ray and Chip Holden. (I’ll let the others, who haven’t posted a public “I’m working for Zenoss comment,” keeping hiding out if they want ;>)

Needless to say, seeing both a client open a local office and several of my friends score what looks like a fun job is exciting for me. It’s always nice to meet with clients face-to-face and, better, see people I know happily employed ;>

Disclaimer: In case you didn’t cotton on, Zenoss is a client and now there’s several of my friends working there.

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