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Outsourcing and Tivoli – File Under "Tea Leaves"

IBM Tivoli Pulse Sponsors

IBM sent me a packet in the mail for Pulse the other day. Pulse is Tivoli’s new brand-conference (a sibling to Impact, RSDC, Lotusphere, and others), building on Maximoworld. It’ll be all IT Management, all the time, which, as you can imagine, is like a pig in slop for me.

What struck me with the above is that every major Indian outsourcer is a platinum sponsor. I actually don’t know the demographic of Tivoli users, but after seeing this you can bet I’m hot to find out. Are Tivoli and other Big 4 users primarily outsourced folks? How much has that grown (or shrunk) recently? Where do they get their training from? Is there a certain product management shift when more and more of your end-users are paid by a small set of companies, rather than many enterprises?

Having worked at one of the Big 4 as well – BMC – I’m always curious how much outsourcing/offshoring they do for development and support. Does it work? Not work? Does it matter?

Obviously, I’m full of questions, which is great when you’re going into a conference ;>

Disclaimer: IBM is a client, as is BMC.

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