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Guest Again on The Register's Open Season – OSBC, Open Source and Recensions, Coupon-clipping, Micheladas

Michelada, mix #3

Last week, I was pleased to be guest once again on The Register‘s Open Season podcast. Download the episode directly here, or just subscribe to the feed to have them automatically downloaded. Matt Asay was on vacation, so it was Dave Rosenberg, Ashlee Vance, and I.

As per the topics, here’s Ashlee’s summary:

Chelada stood as one of the many topics covered during Episode 14 of Open Season. Mulesource’s Dave Rosenberg picked up the slack in the absence of Matt Asay, who left the violence of Utah for Disneyland. Redmond’s Michael Coté also popped on the horn again to provide the show with some shred of respectability.

Oh, the topics, right.

Well, we evaluated Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst’s performance at the OSBC conference. Then, it was on to Mark Shuttleworth’s depressing and desperate addiction to panda scrotum and Dave’s abuse of former Linux Magazine editor in chief and now Novell openSuse manager Joe Brockmeier.

Also, open source companies can apparently milk the hell out of large businesses during a down economy, while Hadoop remains exciting, and Microsoft gives away Novell coupons.

See the original post for show notes and other format options.

Disclaimer: MuleSource is a client. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.

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