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New Sun Identity Buzz Episode: Passport-gate, ESSO vs. SSO, M&A in IdM, and SXSW

Trustless Redirect

Earlier this week I once again recorded an Identity Buzz episode with Sun’s Brandon Whichard. You can download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the podcast feed to have episodes automatically downloaded, and official show-notes here.

Bouncing off noting IBM’s acquisition of Encentuate, I ask Brandon to explain the difference between Enterprise SSO and SSO. As with most things prefixed with “Enterprise,” the use of the E-word doesn’t really explain what the exact technology is. In this case, ESSO simply means Single Sign On for non web applications: things like GUI, desktop applications, that is. SSO, on the other hand, is understood to mean Single Sign On for web applications.

We also talk about how identity management – tacking the activity thereof – laces through recent US political scandals like passport-gate and Eliot Spitzer’s high-price hookers.

Raising the topic of another M&A move – Ping buying the SaaS-SSO parts of Sxip – we, as ever, we also talk about eagerly awaiting the industry-wide victory of OpenID.

Finally, we round up with some music recommendations.

Disclaimer: Sun is a client and pays for my participation in this podcast. IBM is a client as well.

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