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On The Register's Open Season, #13

Recording Open Season

Last week, I was all giddy to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts (indeed, the one I look forward to each week at the moment), Open Season. Check out the write-up or download the MP3 directly, or even and OGG file!

Here’s Ashlee’s description:

…our assessment of Microsoft’s interoperability pact, BusinessWeek reporter Sarah Lacy’s interview with Facebook’s Mark Zombieberg, disappearing appointments in Zimbra, the evolution of Firefox, Matt Asay’s grandmother using Ubuntu and, of course, Google’s general evilness.

As I was in downtown Austin, we had some difficulty with me using Skype over the crappy Verizon EVDO connection I could find deep in the Hilton. I had to revert to calling in on my cellphone, so the audio quality is phone-grade.

Nonetheless, it was great fun. Thanks Ashlee, Matt, and Dave ;>

Disclaimer: Microsoft and MuleSource are clients. See the RedMonk client list for more clients mentioned.

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Continuing the Discussion

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