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Current Theory on Cloud Computing

Current Theory on "Cloud Computing"

In last week’s IT Management Podcast, John and I joked about how many phrases there are for “cloud computing.” But, then we get into a nutty discussion where we try to pull out each layer.

I have no idea if the above reflects that conversation, but doodling sure is fun!

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  1. “Blond People that Morlocks Eat”

    That would be Paris Hilton.

  2. Morlocks aren’t boring! Morlocks are us!

    Look at yourself, and all the other pale, bearded geeks. In the distant future, we will go underground, maintaining the machinery, emerging only to get Mountain Dew and eat stupid blond people.

    In the book, the Eloi are as subhuman and vapid as Paris Hilton; I don’t think it’s millions of years off, it’s maybe next century.

  3. Mark: completely agreed! "Boring" to me is more of a category than a judgment…in IT at least.

    A lot of what I, and many others, get excited about is in that "boring" category. I have no problem being a Morlock 😉

    And, you know, using the phrase "boring" is also a good Rorschach-diction test of what people you're talking with think.

    In summary, when I use the word "boring" to describe something in IT, I don't mean "boring" in the real-world sense 😉 The fact that I use the phrase "IT" to describe the category of "stuff computers do" pretty much puts me into the Eloi-eater category as well 😉

  4. Just wondering how many terms are there already that similarly means 'cloud computing'.

    Incidentally, I think most companies are after Morlocks! Although they are not as gullible as they used to be so getting them to march to the tunes we play is becoming more and more difficult.


Continuing the Discussion

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