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Guesting on the Sun Identity Buzz Podcast – OpenID, OAuth, and Friends

Last week I started a run as a regular guest on the Sun Identity Buzz Podcast. Sun’s Brandon Whichard hosts the show and, so far, the plan is just to talk every two weeks about identity news.

I’ve always enjoyed the Identity Buzz podcast, so it’s great to be invited to participate. Not to mention that Brandon’s been a friend for quite sometime now.

This week – MP3 download here – we talked about the OpenID news of late and spent quite a lot of time speculating about how it could spread more and what that might mean for business. Brandon then allows me display my deep insights in American football as I note that both Superbowl teams have humans as mascots.

Next week we should slide a bit into the enterprise waters with some RBAC talk and other news.

If you have anything you’d like to see us talk about, or ideas, feel free to send them along or just leave a comment below.

You can listen to the episode by downloading it directly, but why not just subscribe to the feed and get episodes automatically? Here’s the iTunes friendly link if you like it like that.

Disclaimer: Sun is a client and we’re billing for my time in this series.

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  1. hey you better get mark canter on there fast, or he'll be callin it a conspiracy. portability and freedom to leave are important.

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