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Agile Project Management Across Organizational Boundaries with JIRA and VersionOne

In this screencast Jerry Odenwelder walks us through the issue tracking integration between Atlassian's JIRA and VersionOne. VersionOne is a hosted, Agile project management tool for development teams. The idea of the integration is to take defects, bugs, requests, and other "issues" from JIRA and tightly integrate them into the Agile project management workflow provided by VersionOne.

We start out by describing the Agile project management approach of bundling up issues into short "sprints" that development and QA teams work on when evolving software. What's interesting about the scenarios Jerry shows us is how they show issues moving across organizational boundaries during the issue's life-cycle. In the first stage of an issue's life the help-desk takes an issue into JIRA, probably a bug or request. The JIRA/VersionOne integration then sucks that issue into VersionOne where the development team can prioritize and work on the issue. Once the team is done, the issue is kicked back up to JIRA where the help-desk (or whoever) can do the proper accounting to make sure customers are happy.

As Jerry notes, the integration is free and open source, available for download in the next few weeks.

As a viewing note, be sure to view the fullscreen version of the podcast for a higher resolution version.

Disclaimer: Atlassian sponsored this screencast.

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