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Twitter Tip: Try not to be so obvious about link whoring


Hey, I link-whore in (on?) Twitter all the time. That’s part of the point. But, it’s at least good to put a title in your link whores and try to space it out rather than carpet bombing it. I put up with the carpet bombing from news update feeds like Google News and ZDNet – but I’d rather they spaced them out.

When it comes to all the Twitter cross-posting sites, things are not so good, as the above screenshot shows. Compare the dishola updates to Scoble‘s “Qik Live Video” ones.

To that point, the video sites seem particularly rude when it comes to this. Dear developers of Twitter cross-posting crap: could we at least get some titles in there? does this well enough. That’s really all I’m asking for, some additional text with that link whoring. Bare links suck.

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  1. Michael,

    Thanks for the shout out. To be honest, our Twitter cross-posting initially sucked for the reason you point out: We pretty much just put out a bare link. At some point someone complained about this, and we changed it. Very happy to see that people take notice of these things!

    Please let me know if there's anything else we can do to improve. We're all ears.


    Mike Hudack
    Co-founder & CEO,

  2. Mike: cool, nice to hear the story. So far I've enjoyed to no end ( and Thanks for the service 😉

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