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Eclipse Swordfish – An SOA Runtime Environment

In this screencast, Ricco Deutscher or the Eclipse Swordfish project walks us through the architecture, intentions, and road-map for the OSGi-tools SOA runtime, Swordfish. As Ricco outlines, the Swordfish came about from the desire to benefit from combining the use of JBI, SCA, and OSGi. JBI lends a good packing methodology, SCA helps with the execution of service components, and OSGi adds in the dynamic functionality needed and helps glue it all together.

Disclaimer: Eclipse is a client and sponsored this screencast.

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4 Responses

  1. Pretend I’m 5 years old.

    Tell me in 50 words or less what service-oriented architecture is.

    Tell me why a simple, Plain Old XML over HTTP API doesn’t suffice and why I should care abut “WS-*”.

    Why should I spend my spare time coding stuff that’s only relevant to huge corporations? How am I supposed to be passionate about solving GE or IBM’s problems? I’d rather solve the ones my friends or my parents have.

  2. Love the idea, this was notified to the pubic in November 2007, it's now september 2008 and still no release.

    For a project which has been 90% of it's code already written why does it take a year later and still no release or documentation?

    Interesting project, but get the community involved?

    keith longSeptember 9, 2008 @ 10:23 am
  3. I agree with Keith Long….
    It is interesting project but there is not release yet ????
    And I sent an email: nothing ??? No reply.
    Mysterious 🙂

Continuing the Discussion

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