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The JIRA Connector for Mylyn, Demo

In this demo, I talk with Mik Kersten who demonstrates the JIRA connector for Mylyn. Mik shows us how the JIRA connector is used to provide a rich, desktop interface for the JIRA issue tracker and then shows how the “self micro-managing” features of Mylyn layer on-top of JIRA.

Be sure to view the video in full-screen mode or download one of the larger sized videos if needed. See the page for all sorts of different formats and cross-posting options.

Also, be sure to check out the previous RedMonkTV episode that goes more in-depth on Mylyn.

Disclaimer: Atlassian is a client and sponsored this video.

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  1. Very useful format! This was very helpful to get an idea what Mylyn is all about and have to say it looks great.
    Heading to the Eclipse site to learn some more…

Continuing the Discussion

  1. […] Coté has posted another of our RedMonk TV chats, which showcases the Mylyn JIRA Connector. The connector has an interesting history because it originated entirely from community contributions by early adopters who were involved with JIRA-based projects, such as those on Apache and CodeHaus. Demand for this connector quickly outgrew the volunteer resources that we were coordinating to maintain and improve it. In order to respond to the demand, Tasktop got together with Atlassian. The latest results of our efforts will be available along with the upcoming December 19th release of Mylyn 2.2. […]

  2. […] with developers day in and day out, hence I’m an eclipse user by association.  This is how I first run into Mylyn.  The simple brilliance of the idea was striking to me. I liked it immediately, […]