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Videos from the IBM Software Group Analyst Summit

Yesterday I put the remainder of the videos from the IBM Software Group Analyst Summit the three RedMonk attended earlier this month. Check out Stephen’s recent post for more commentary on the event overall.

To flesh out the full list, here are all of them:

  • James talks with Bob Blainey on multi-core programming and dynamic languages. This one is sort of an update on what IBM is doing in this area.
  • Jerrilyn Glanville on Analyst Relations. I’m always curious to hear about the “behind the scenes” stuff in any job, and I love talking with and hear AR and PR people talk about how they work with (or “handle”) not only the analysts, but also the execs on they work with.
  • Anant Jhingran on Web 2.0 in the Enterprise (above). James does a nice job of strolling around with an IBMer on what all this Web 2.0 stuff means to IBM and IBM’s customers. I particularly like the discussion towards the end where Anant and James discusses balancing the “good” needs of the IT department for control with the freeness of Web 2.0 think.
  • In a three part series – 1, 2, and, 3 – James talks with IBM’s Martin Nally and Dave Tropeano about what’s going on in Rational. They were set to discuss Rational Jazz, but I like how the conversation ended up as a more general discussion of what the Rational tool-chain is like now-a-days (hence, the title “Rational Now”): an emphasis on tooling to help global teams act more Agile and collaborate.
  • Carol Jones on Web 2.0 Research and Collaborative Software. James rounds out the series by talking with Carol Jones about how IBM’s research into collaboration and Web 2.0 think has been turned into Lotus product lines. Also, there’s a fun little video of them talking about presentation styles while waiting to start.

Thanks to Jerrilyn and crew for helping put all these interviews together.

Disclaimer: IBM is a client.

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