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RIA Weekly Podcast, Episode 01 – Ajax, Flex, Silverlight, Chumby, VisualStudio, and more

Chumby on Pile of Electronics

In this first episode of RIA Weekly, Ryan Stewart, Charles Lowell, and I talk about a wide swath of topics:

  • Ryan asks Charles what how his company, The Front Side decided how “dressed up” their UIs should be. Charles says the major limit is time and skill.
  • We talk about James Ward‘s Flex sightings at Oracle OpenWorld (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), which moves into Flex in enterprise development
  • I ask Ryan about the current state of Silverlight and how much video plays into it.
  • We also talk about the Chumby I recently got and how that fits into the idea of RIAs.
  • Finally, Ryan tells us about the upcoming VisualStudio release.

There’re probably some things I missed, but that’s the gist of it.

If all goes as planned, Ryan and I will be back next week for another episode. Feel free to leave comments below.

To subscribe, add in the plain old RedMonk Radio feed, where RIA Weekly will be posted (for now?) as well.

Disclaimer: Adobe is a client (though they’re not involved in the podcast, beyond Ryan’s participation), Sun, SAP, and the Microsoft STB unit.

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