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PowerShell Overview and Remote Update – Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007

In the lobby of the Microsoft TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona I got the chance to catch up with Jeffrey Snover, Architect, Management Services Division. Jeffery gives us an overview of PowerShell and then we talk about Microsoft and other’s use of PowerShell since it’s release a year ago. As Jeffery tells us that PowerShell has been downloaded over one million times, and then we jump into a discussion of what companies and partners are doing with PowerShell, diving deep into MySpace’s use to automate their IT tasks. He also mentioned FullArmor who’s using PowerShell for it’s run-book automation offering.

Finally, because I’m always asked about it, Jeffery tells us about the remote capabilities in PowerShell. While it’s not released yet, the current PowerShell CTP (an “alpha” of the next version, essentially) contains a multitude of remote options.

(As with the rest of the videos from IT Forum, this video will be available in the Podtech RedMonkTV channel as well. I’ve just posted it here to get it up quickly.)

Disclaimer: Microsoft’s STB group is a client and commissioned RedMonk to film the IT Forum videos.

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