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Off to Barcelona for Microsoft IT Forum

This morning I’m off to Barcelona for the Microsoft TechED IT Forum. James will be there as well, and it seems some of my other UK-based buddies in the biz.

Microsoft’s Robb Mapp asked me to come out to do several videos at IT Forum, publishing them as real-time as possible. So, that should be fun.

In the broader area of video, I realized yesterday that I’ve gotten myself involved in quite a lot of video – between RedMonkTV/podtech, doing screencasts for Eclipse and (now) others, and this upcoming IT Forum video’ing, it’s adding up.

Tragically, the Verizon EVDO card I’ve been enamered off so much of late will be of no use while in Europe. But, hey, whaddaya gonna do?

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  1. Stop by and see us in Barcelona. I have and traded e-mail with James a few times. I hope to see you in BCN. If you want to see a 100% .NET based solution for workflow and BPM – and perhaps make a mini-video – we would be happy to accomodate. We leverage WCF, WPF, and WF and a a lot of the Visual Studio components under the covers to make BPM on the .NET platform simple.

  2. If you need connectivity for just a few days in Spain, probably your best bet is to get a Yoigo simcard:

    Unlimited internet connectivity for about 2$/day You do not need a contract, can buy a prepaid-card (and the phone to go with it as well)

    Enjoy Barcelona, it is a beautiful city 🙂



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