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Erich Gamma on IBM Rational Jazz, OOPSLA '07, RedMonk Radio #43

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of talking with Erich Gamma about his current work on Rational’s Jazz project. Erich first gives us a general overview of Jazz, and then we discuss the motivations for Jazz, highlighting ways it aims to help geo-distributed teams and better document desires and explanations in code. We also talk about Jazz’s architecture: how it can be deployed as a whole, or taken part-by-part.

Next we get into a discussion of how to manage the “openness” of a project like Jazz, where-in Erich makes some interesting comparisons to the way Eclipse was developed early on. Tied up with this is a brief discussion of how thinking about commercializing the architecture enters general design thinking.

Rounding out the Jazz portion of the podcast, I ask Erich about the use of REST over SOAP (or other WS-* stuff) in Jazz.

Since Erich was up at OOPSLA ’07 this week, we end the podcast talking about the keynotes and other goings on at OOPSLA. In particular, we talk about the difference between the Fred Brooks model for software development teams and the more team-lead method of Agile development teams. Check out the OOPSLA ’07 podcast for the keynotes Erich mentions.

Thanks to Bill Higgins for helping get Erich and I together ;>

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Disclaimer: IBM and Eclipse are clients.

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