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Videos: Web 2.0 Design Patterns and the DMTF

Last week’s RedMonkTV videos were from pretty diverse: Web 2.0 and IT management standards. Exciting!:

Web 2.0 Design Patterns, the book

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While in Barcelona at Adobe MAX ’07, James talks with Duane Nickull about their upcoming book Web 2.0 Design Patterns.

James has a write-up as well.

All about the DMTF with Winston Bumpus

In this episode, I talk with the DMTF‘s Winston Bumpus on a wide variety of topics and standards that the DMTF is involved in. We start out explaining the basic systems management model, CIM, that provides much of the foundation for other standards. Then, we get into discussion of other DMTF standards like WS-Management, DASH, SMASH, and OVF.

Disclaimer: Adobe is a client.

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Continuing the Discussion

  1. […] We then get to a conversation about CIM and other DMTF standards. John says he found a nice looking application modeling standard that appears to have disappeared. I ask John what the deal has been with the industry not widely using DMTF standards, and this launches into a nice tale of old, starting with Tivoli, going through Microsoft, and ending with Dell. As I mention to John, it looks like the DMTF’s Winston Bumpus will be at barcampESM, so perhaps we can get some DMTF talk going on. Also, see the interview I did with Winston a little while ago. […]