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Next Week: SAP TechEd '07 in Munich – WordPress, ERP, and Lord Knows What

RedMonk on SDN Clubhouse Community MindSpace

James has beaten me to the punch when it comes to writing up what we’ll be doing next week at SAP TechEd’s CommunityDay in Munich. In summary: we’re using the RedMonk track to show how SAP technologies and their data/processes can be hooked up into the rest of the world, namely WordPress, RIA’s, and other non-SAP, non-business-world software.

There are two prongs to why this matters:

  • The William Gibson Law of Innovation – which flies under many quotes from Gibson: “the street finds it’s own use for technologies,” “the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed,” and (most recently) “The intended effects of new technology are nothing compared to the unintended effects…the Internet is an accident.” That is, encouraging and allowing developers to “play around” with technology can result in new innovations to make money with.
  • As we discuss at the end of the Majority Desk video/demo from last week, developer communities get a moral boost from “playing around” with new technologies. As a developer, esp. in “business software,” it’s all to easy to let your interest and pasion wane as you get bored sick at work. Next thing you know, your developers are asking questions like, “what’s RSS? Web two point what?” and you’re stuck with crap software. Seriously.

RedMonk Munich Track

So, what’s in the RedMonk track in Munich? Take a look at the CommunityDay wiki for a brief summary. Here’s some more detail:

Adobe AIR

Matthias Zeller drops the AIR bomb at SAP CommuntyiDay

As noted in my Las Vegas CommunityDay wrap-up, this session was packed at the US TechEd. If the attendees at that event were a good dip-stick, there’s plenty of interests in RIAs in the SAP community, prompting me write that Adobe and SAP look to be having a baby a sometime soon.

SAP Meets WordPress

Nigel James has been nice enough to bring WordPress into the fray. To pull from Nigel’s post on the topic:

I came up with 4 ways that WordPress and SAP could play together nicely:

  1. Run an instance of WordPress on MaxDB instead of MySQL.
  2. Run php and therefore WordPress on the Netweaver stack via the php-java bridge.
  3. Run a WordPress install with content from SAP via a RFC call.
  4. Run a WordPress install with content from SAP via a Web Service call.

You could even do all of the above. I plan the session to be an exploration of these topics.

If we can get people to start hacking on those ideas, we thought we’d do a short demo of the results at the end of the day for the whole CommunityDay crew.

Perhaps Nigel can tell me about this whole photo-walking thing too. Photo-driving sounds more my speed. Photo-sitting?

Twitter Meets NetWeaver

I think the title of this session from Craig Cmehil pretty much spells it out. The question is what kinds of message will be going back and forth between Twitter and SAP’s SOA platform, NetWeaver.

There’s been a low-hum of a meme of late along the ideas of using Twitter for some sort of business process notification system: something along the lines of a big ol’ sloppy messaging bus in the cloud. A Web Service Bus?

Hopefully this session will roll that rock along a little further. It’ll be fun to see what we come up with, and fun to play a little into this week’s flash-in-the-pan headlines.

The New Business Meets The New IT: disruption in business models, culture and technology

That’s the working title at least.

Marilyn Pratt, Dennis Howlett, and James have been cooking up a panel discussion to have both during CommunityDay and at some point in the SDN/BPX ClubHouse. James’ summary is:

What the Web, Office and Enterprise 2.0 hype means for you. A conversation about what works, what doesn’t and why. Or, what if anything does 2.0 have to do with SAP?

While Dennis outlined some more narrow topics:

  1. How you can bring the edge stuff to the centre (if possible) – ie breaking the 1/9/90 rule?
  2. What can smart geeks (eg Majority Desk) teach business? For me that changes the conversation. Dan McW had feedback I thought was useful as a starting point. Examples speak louder than theory/ideas.
  3. Moving the geek vs. suits conversation forward – we know the problem exists but what are people doing about it? Where are the pinch points? (sorry middle management, step aside or step up to the add value plate)
  4. FaceBook for business – silly or sensible?
  5. Loose ties strongly held (if temporarily) – what does this do for relationship?
  6. Making it worthwhile


As with last time, the RedMonkTV camera (James and I) will be around as well. If you’ll be in attendance and there’s something interesting you’d like to talk about, we’re always looking for good content. Dan McWeeney and Matthias Zeller, among others, gifted us with plenty of camera time in Las Vegas, and I’m looking forward to more in Munich, from them, or you ;>

We’ll See You There

Whether you’ll be at CommunityDay, TechEd, both, or just in Munich, I hope to see you around. The sessions at CommunityDay should be fun, and the Blogger’s Corner activities are always enjoyable as well.

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