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Virtualization, SaaS for IT Management, Pulling Knowledge from Mainframe-land…with Israel Gat

The second part of my conversation with BMC’s Israel Gat is up:

As my original description says:

In the second part of my conversation with BMC Software‘s Israel Gat, we talk about virtualization and IT Management for SaaS. Israel points to the energy savings benefits of virtualization and also the deployment benefits it brings, using the example of managing many different types encryption software.

We then talk about pulling knowledge from the mainframe world into a more virtualized world: are there lessons to re-learn? When it comes to SaaS, Israel explains how multi-tenant systems can be used to upgrade customers when they’d like to upgrade, and also how a SaaS hosted environment might allow for more targeted features per a customer. Managing those deployment processed, of course, are ripe for IT management software, platforms, and services.

As some related content, when it comes to the idea that a virtualized “distributed” world (that is, non-mainframe computers) could learn from mainframes came up in a recent installment of Ashlee Vance’s podcast, which I’ve been enjoying of late.

Disclaimer: BMC is a client.

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