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IT Management for SaaS, open source and SaaS, sniffing out open services

In one of this week’s RedMonkTV episodes I had the chance to talk with my old co-worker, manager, and friend Divakar Jandhyala. He’s been working on a startup, eVapt with several other folks over the past year (or so) to provide IT management for SaaSes. There aren’t that many folks actually working in the IT management for SaaS area, so it was great to explore just what that area is and looks like.

In the discussion, we touch on possible ways the IT department might evolve to operate in a SaaSier environment.

Additionally, we talked about one of my favorite topics, what happens when you put SaaS and open source together in a blender. Divakar does a pretty good job of thinking out-loud about what an “open service” (something akin to open source in a SaaS world) would feel like. Also, check out the short, but interesting segment about eVapt’s use of Mule.

Thanks again to Divakar! (And also the tasty tea and snacks his wife brought before filming ;>)

Disclaimer: MuleSource is a client.

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