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More on barcampESM: video!

Last week while the three where up at LinuxWorld, I talked with whurley, John Willis, and Mark Hinkle about barcampESM. If you’ve still got questions about what barcampESM is, this is a good video to watch as the three go into detail about the goals and hopes for getting the IT management community together.

We shot this in sort of DIY, remote style: I was on the speaker phone (for them) and recording myself on my iSight, while the three of them were filming with whurley’s HV20. So, if you see them huddling down around the table, that’s them ear-squinting to listen to me. Overall, it was a nice and fun format: I’m always trying to get people at conferences to record a little something remotely like this, so I appreciate it from these three: thanks!

Disclaimer: BMC and Zenoss are clients, as is IBM which John mentions by way of Tivoli.

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