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MonkCast #7: GPL and "When APIs Attack!"

In this week’s MonkCast with ZDNet’s David Berlind, all three of us RedMonks man the phone due to the magic of chaining together 3 way conferences. Telco magic!

Steve leads a nice discussion of GPLv3 and then we jump into a discussion of FaceBook, LinkedIn, and how businesses are hurt or helped by APIs that effectively allow anyone to poach all their data. Or, put more friendly, “the freedom to leave.”

We touch briefly, at the end, on how the RedMonk ideas of low barriers to entry and developer-lead marketing might apply in the SaaS/URL world, and how a partner-lead approach to selling “infrastructure” or middleware is a nice way to do business and spread risk if you can get it. Interestingly enough, Charles and I talked about the same topic in last week’s podcast as well, which parts of, I should warn, may be offensive to some.

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  1. I like linked in but its just not useful. Its a static directory of names which I cannot even access without paying them. I like and facebook for contacting people free although facebook is mostly kids. Congoo seems to have real industry pros and I like the industry news too. My two cents.

    peterJune 30, 2007 @ 3:39 am
  2. peter: I'll have to check out 😉