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OSBC Panel on Open Source, SOA, and "The Next Generation Data-center"

Long ago, Zenoss’ Mark Hinckle contacted me about proposing a panel at OSBC on the topic of “Systems Management 2.0.” Eventually the panel evolved into a somewhat related, but no less interesting, bucket of topics, open source, SOA’s, and data-centers. In summary, what’s up with middleware and open source in IT?

This week, I’ve finally got the video of the panel up. Thanks are due to Akash, Dave, and Sanjiva, as well as the OSBC folks for giving me permission to use publish the video.

For the second-time, thanks are also due to MuleSource’s Travis Van for manning the camera. You may recall his RedMonkTV debut with the discussion of James’ hair.

Disclaimer: Zenoss and MuleSource are clients.

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