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JavaOne: First day key-note: OpenJDK, JavaFX, Glassfish…notes

Hola, muchachos. I am crazy busy here at JavaOne, much more so than last year. It’s quite awesome.

This morning’s key-note, manned by Rich Green, was chock full of announcements:

  • Open sourcing being complete – buildable, and an interim governance council: congrats to the 5: Doug Lea, Simon Phipps, Mark Rienhold, Dalibor Topic, and Fabiane Nardon. There was a mention of providing the TCK to everyone, but I don’t know the details. That needs more looking in to. Despite that looking into need, the OpenJDK announcements were the high-light of the talk for me. I’m excited about that interim council: looking forward to it. (Hopefully it’ll be as open as possible: the irony otherwise would be nutty.)
  • Glassfish momentum and being extended by Ericsson contribution for multi-media.
  • Enhancements for NetBeans 6, esp. in the area of mobility. The fun quote here from Rich Green was: “”this is not A or B, it’s use both…for those of you using other tools.”
  • JavaFX. As I said in a tweat during the keynote: “Great: another RIA language. Gosling said that there wasn’t much for creating dynamic UI’s in the scripting world. Really: come on.” I mean, I hate saying such stuff (’cause it makes me feel an ass) because of all the coder passion that must have been and is behind it but…uh…don’t we already have plenty of those. Granted, I should look into JavaFX further, but just from the slide-ware, it seems like Sun’s worse problem in the Java world: a case of NIH.
  • Sun doing The Good Work when it comes to networking up “everyone,” working with the UN to help bring about positive change, and several other nice, social actions.

As I said, friends, quite busy, so I gotta run. Below are my notes from the key-note. I tried to be as complete as possible:


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5 Responses

  1. Cote, which tool do you use to make your 'mind maps' ?

  2. I use MindManager from MindJet. I love it, though I've been lucky enough to get a free copy from MindJet. Last year I typed up an extended review.

  3. Great review of a great product. Shame they didn't follow your advice on the price. At $229 – I'm not even tempted to try it as I know I'm not going to pay that price. As a consumer – any software package > $99 is too much. Ah well.

  4. That should be "congrats to the 5", Fabiane Nardon is also on the board.

  5. Thanks for the correction, Mark. And apologies to Fabiane.